1000 Great Places to Travel with Kids in Australia

A great family travel guide

Do you find even contemplating a family holiday exhausting? With kids and their myriad needs in the equation there is so much more to take into account that, sometimes, you end up wondering when the stress and planning ends and the holiday actually begins!

Whether you’re travelling with babies, young children, tweens or teens, 1000 Great Places to Travel with Kids in Australia is the answer to every travelling parent’s dream: a comprehensive, interactive and portable guide that will not only save you time and money, but will also show you how to have your most enjoyable and stress free family holiday ever.

Featuring an invaluable ‘theme index’, this unique book allows you to customise every aspect of your trip, actually involving the kids in the planning process and therefore adding to the excitement and anticipation. You’ll also discover tips on absolutely everything from finding accommodation to suit the ages of your children, to pre purchasing tickets so you avoid nasty queues with restless kids. There are also lots of ‘Fabulous Facts’ and ‘Kid Quests’ which will educate and entertain the whole family on everything from convict ghosts to how to help a blind penguin build a nest.

Compiled by children’s author and illustrator – and seasoned family traveller – Anna Ciddor, the book has been rigorously researched and is bursting with listings for kid friendly attractions and activities (anyone game to taste a honey ant, or would you prefer to cuddle a wombat?) as well as places to eat and stay. Whether you’re travelling around the corner or around the country, there is something to suit every budget and holiday taste, 1000 Great Places to Travel with Kids in Australia is the ultimate holiday handbook.

About the Author

Tree Top Adventure Park, NSW

Anna Ciddor is loved by children and parents around the world. She is the award]winning author of more than 50 books on topics as diverse as travel, toilets and Australian history, but is most well known for her Viking trilogy Runestone, Wolfspell and Stormriders. In 1000 Great Places to Travel with Kids in Australia she combines her understanding of what kids find fun and entertaining, with her passion for travel, history and all the gems (hidden and otherwise) that make up Australia

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