3 Incredible Family Friendly Destinations in WA You’ve Probably Never Been

Sadly this list isn’t even that difficult to create as so many people living in Australia have never been over to the far West of this beautiful country. It’s such a shame as the scenery over there on that Indian Ocean will take your breath away. Almost every overseas traveller I’ve ever met that has been to WA as part of their Australia trip rates WA as their favourite part of AUS so that’s really saying something. So once you get yourself out of Perth and Freemantle why don’t you check out these few places.


Whale Shark Image courtesy of Flickr member NeilsPhotography

 Lovely little Exmouth is situated between a marine park and a national park. Not bad. Not bad at all. Mother Nature has left you quite spoiled for choice in this divine little part of the world. The marine park is at the northern end of Ningaloo Reef where at certain times of year you can actually swim with whale sharks! Yikes! There are tour operators who welcome kids on these trips and have their boats set up especially to accommodate them so they can see the whale sharks too. Imagine how exhilarating it would be as a tiny kid to see a living thing up to 12m long?!  Incredible and not an experience you are likely ever to forget. If you are snorkelling you will also see dugongs, turtles and manta rays. It’s a real treat in this part of the world! There are a bunch of other fun beachy and wildlife related things for the kids to experience in the area so go and check it out.


Ah Esperance. The name alone conjures up feelings of tranquillity. Once upon a time no one had even heard of this place. You can’t really say as much now but given that it’s a good 700kms Southeast of Perth I’m going to tip that you probably haven’t been there. It is a lovely coastal village with what is commonly known as one of the whitest beaches around located at Lucky Bay. If you are lucky you will also see the kangaroos sunning themselves on the beach. It is a sight to behold! The whole area is very family friendly. If you are sick of the beach and swimming you can take the kids for a day trip to Cape le Grand National Park. If you’d rather stick closer to town then visit the The Bird and Animal Park, Adventureland Park or Amberland (water slides – yay!).


Sunset at Broome Image by Flickr Member Eulinky

Sunset at Broome Image by Flickr Member Eulinky

Did you know that Broome hosts the world’s largest population of wild camels? I bet you thought it was Egypt. So did I! So we were both wrong. You probably don’t want to go racing up to the wild ones but the kids will love a camel ride (on tame ones of course) along Cable Beach at sunset.  Anyone who has been to Broome will tell you that the sunsets are among the most magical in the world. Broome has long been a well known resort town but given its proximity to, well, nothing, not many people manage to get there which is such a shame as it is absolutely beautiful. The region has some great options for kids including a water park, a wilderness park and really fossilized dinosaur footprints! It’s enough to make a kid’s heart skip a beat!

Kristy is a freelance travel writer for HotelClub Sydney and mum of three energetic kids who love exploring new destinations. Her favourite experience in Western Australia was swimming with the enormous whale sharks off the coast of Exmouth.