A few travel tips from our family trip to the USA

Mimi Mouse and the Family

The following post is courtesy of Hailee Meehan who has recently returned from an overseas trip with her family. She wrote a few tips about how they managed to get through the long flights during a trip to the USA with their 3 kids.

I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for all the handy stuff I bought from you just before my holiday to the USA with my three kids. Jacob (6), Zara (5) and Tom (1) all had a great time and the products made my life so much easier.

I had the anti-bacterial wipes as well as the swipes case strapped to the outside of my nappy/day bag (AKA battle bag) and it was so convenient. The kids didn’t mind me wiping their hands with the anti-bacterial wipes, as opposed to the gels sold in the supermarket, as they didn’t leave a smell or funny taste. The envirosax bags were a godsend for storing jackets as we jumped states and climates. I even used the stuffed bag as a pillow on the flight home from LA!

Skiing in AmericaThe flight coming home was a nightmare with cancelled connection flights, snow delays and lost baggage. 30 hours of travel with three young kids is never easy. But we were able to keep our cool with good team work between myself and my husband and a tube of vegemite for our fussy eaters! I also took a lot of the ‘Rafferty’s Garden’ squeezy tubes of baby food as well. Tom was happy to suck the food straight out of the sachet without the need to carry around a messy spoon and bowl. It was also a lot lighter to transport and reseal than the cans or bottles of baby food, and I can report can also be convenient when feeding in the dark! (Sometimes I just can’t make sense of the food service times).

With having to go through several screening points coming home, I thought the baby sling from you guys was indispensible to keep wiggly, but not quite walking, Tom secure and off the dirty airport floor. Because we were travelling with baby food, we were required to submit to extra screening and testing of the food. I kept all items for testing in one large clip seal bag, so that I could pull all items out in one go and not have to rummage through the bag time after time. I learnt this through trial and error on the way over!!!

Family in AmericaThe older kids were mostly able to organise themselves for screening by learning to get their own tray and placing their ‘bobble art’ luggage trolley’s (also purchased from you!) up on the conveyor belt. I had packed in each bag; toys, a spare set of clothes, snacks and sticker books. This freed up space in the nappy bag, gave the kids independence and responsibility and saved me from having to constantly rummage through the bottomless nappy bag. The kids loved the option of carrying and pulling the bags when they felt they needed to.

All in all we had a great time, but I couldn’t say it was easy! But some organising, good gadgets and a willingness to give it a go made it possible. I’d do it again anytime, because at the end of the day, it was a fabulous experience. In fact we are going to the UK next year, with an extra one – will see you before then for some more shopping!


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