Camping at Sandy Creek Qld- Review

My husband and I have been wanting to do real camping with the children now that they are a bit older and more independent.  Our first excursion was at Sandy Creek Campground about an hour and a half drive from Brisbane between Woodford and Kilcoy.  The drive up was easy and quite quick and we were  pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was.  Nestled between the hills, the scenery was gorgeous.  We set up tents next to the creek which was not very deep, nor fast flowing.  We let the children wander and jump on the rocks and splash in the creek, not fearing being swept away.  They caught tadpoles, found nests of fish eggs, saw catfish (and a few water spiders).  I was woken at about 5:30 one morning by my 6 year old son so excited at having seen a wallaby.

About a 5 minute walk from the campground on the site was was the ‘Swiminole’ that was calm but a bit deeper for some real, get all-wet fun for the children and the adults.  The kids all jumped off the rocks which were about a meter high into the swimming hole.  Even the youngest child in our group, who was 4 years old, could easily touch the bottom and have his head above water.

The wide open spaces were perfect for soccer games and Frisbee tossing.  And where we pitched our tent, there was a swing that the children fought over frequently.

There is an amenities block which has showers, toilets, sinks, and mirrors.  While the showers don’t have the best water pressure, it’s wonderful to have a quick rinse and look up at the sky while doing so.  The amenities block is very clean as the owners, Brian and Narelle, come check on them several times a day.  They wave and say good day as they drive by and may stop for a quick chat, but were never intrusive.  They did come and speak to one of the groups next to ours about their loud music too late in to the night which the rest of us campers appreciated!

The kids thought that our first ‘pitch a tent and sleep on the ground’ experience was ‘the best holiday ever!’ and can’t wait to go back.  We will definitely make a return trip to Sandy Creek!