Family vacation fun to the Gold Coast

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Going on a family vacation is a big deal for everybody, especially if you have relatively small kids as we do. Sam is two and Michal is five years old, so it takes a lot of planning in order for the holiday to be as enjoyable as it can be for everyone, which usually means the parents, i.e. us, have to get the travelling fever several days before takeoff in order to get everything and everybody ready.

We also like to plan a big part of the visit wherever we go beforehand, as it is inconvenient, to say the least, to wander with two small children looking for a suitable accommodation or a children-friendly site in unfamiliar surroundings. Lack of preparation can and in most cases does constitute an unwelcomed and undesirable adventure, and the parents always get the short end of the stick in these situations, which is perfectly natural.

In any case, we decided upon embarking on a cross-continent journey from Perth to the Gold Coast. We considered it a safe bet in terms of keeping the kids interested at all times, while accurately assuming we will also be able to share some private moments there.

The Plane
Preparing for a plane trip with small kids is a task that requires meticulous planning, as all of you who have travelled with small children surely know very well. Actually, the only way to prepare for every eventuality is simply to bring as much as you can – toys, food, pillows, treats and everything else you think that can help your kid to have pleasant trip. Using some of the services many airlines offer for children is also a good tactic, as it saves your budget and will help you and your kids both to get to your destination relaxed and full of energy.

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Sea World
Lush and green Queensland welcomed us with beautiful weather, which promised for a great vacation. Our plan was simply to hit as many theme parks and great destinations for children, which Gold Coast has aplenty.

After settling in a mid-range hotel apartment and renting a car, our first destination was, not surprisingly, Sea World. Michael had been going on non-stop about it since finding out where we were going to go.

It was hard to explain to Sam he is too small for a tropical-reef snorkel, but he got over it instantly upon seeing the Sesame Street Beach. He got out of the merchandise shop almost in tears, though, as we couldn’t let him buy half of the items in the store like he wanted to. He got over it pretty quickly, though, as kids his age always do.

The Gold Coast Appeal
In the wake of our great and somewhat exhausting experience at the Sea World, we set out to see as many theme parks as it was possible during a relatively short stay, in addition to enjoying the beautiful nature every chance we get. We made a busy schedule that was impossible to meet, but that didn’t bother anyone. You cannot possibly see and do everything there is to see and do on the Gold Coast in the span of ten days, but we didn’t let that fact discourage us from trying.

Places like the always-crowded Movie World are sure to entertain the whole family, although waiting in line for the rides can be a bit tiresome for the kids. It is also almost impossible to see everything in one day, so consider planning a second visit.

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Since Sam is only two, we also tried to choose some calmer places like Tropical Fruit World, where you can take a one-of-a-kind break from chasing entertainment in a truly spectacular setting for any nature lover. Just be sure to bring enough wipes for the little ones, as there will be fruit-juices dripping all over the place.

In addition to these family entertainment hubs, Gold Coast offers a wide array of unforgettable sites impossible to even mention in a short article like this one. A trip to Stradbroke Island and visit to Outback Spectacular are just some of them. Gold Coast offers a great blend of beautiful nature and highly developed tourism that will leave no man, woman or child indifferent.