Five Essential Items to Pack When Travelling With a Newborn

Travelling with a newborn can be one of the more stressful events following the baby’s birth, but after a couple months or even a couple weeks, many new families find themselves hitting the road to meet extended family or just get away themselves.

You may look around your home, decked out in baby gear, and wonder just how much is necessary to bring with you. In truth, not too much, although that may depend on how long you will be gone. Here is a checklist of five essential things you need to bring for your newborn.

Bottles and dummys
If you are bottle feeding or expressing breastmilk you are going to need a good supply of bottles, and this includes sterilization equipment, extra parts, and storage for breastmilk or mixed formula. A good rule of thumb is to always bring more than you think you will need. When you are on the road, you do not want to worry about running out and having to find a store.

Along the same lines, bring extra dummys. If your newborn loves his dummy, count on at least one or two getting lost or dirty without access to a place to wash, so have extras on hand.

Baby Carrier
A baby carrier is an excellent piece of travel equipment because it is an extremely convenient mode of transportation. Babies often love them because they offer the chance to be close to you, which they find comforting, especially when in a new place. For breastfeeding mums, they also allow for easy feeding and offer some cover protection. Finally, they allow you to be hands free while going about your daily tasks, making many things a great deal easier.

Portable Cot/Crib
Portable cots or cribs, whether they are pack – and – plays or co – sleepers work extremely well for travelling infants. First, they allow babies to sleep somewhere familiar. Many babies get stimulated when travelling, and having a familiar place can be comforting. Also, even if you co – sleep at home, they can be great playpens or nap places to help keep the baby safe while you are dealing with the stress of travelling and unpacking.

Medicine and doctor’s number
A baby spiking a sudden fever is extremely scary, especially for first time parents. The only thing that might be scarier is having it happen away from home without access to your children’s Paracetamol or your pediatrician. Bringing this equipment with you in case of emergency, even if it is just overnight, can be reassuring and helps prevent middle of the night runs to a local pharmacy.

Extra nappies and clothing
New parents often make the mistake of packing for their baby the way they pack for themselves, however I have seen a newborn have one day in one outfit and the next day in five. You never know when your baby’s nappy will leak or they will have a day with a ton of spit up, so bring lots of extras. The same goes for nappies. Luckily, babies clothes are small that packing extra outfits shouldn’t take up that much room.

Travelling with a newborn can be a fun and exciting family bonding time. By making sure that you are packed and well prepared you can relax and enjoy your time away. This checklist should help you organize your baby’s things and determine what will be necessary for this time away from home.

This post is courtesy of Brenda a web contain writer for Hugabub. In her free time she loves to blog about fashion, home improvement and home decoration.