Going to the park for a play – a few tips

haggus girl on swing588x400Going to the park is a great outing. It’s free, kids love to get out in the fresh air and it is great for encouraging physical activities in children. Here are a few tips to make your trip to the park fun for everyone!

1. If you have a baby, an outdoor blanket or bassinet is a fantastic way to keep them clean and safe. An outdoor mat is great for picnics as well.

2. Hats, sunscreen and water bottles are essential

3. In the summer months take a lunchbox or container that has a cooling function so you can safely take milk, yoghurt and fruit which will stay cool and fresh. It’s great also if you take your thermos to make a cup of tea, you can store your milk in them and it remains cold.

4. Preferably head to a park that is fenced from the road or away from the road, to make it easier for you to relax and not worry about roaming children.

5. It is also great to have toilets close by, especially for toilet training toddlers, but otherwise always keep a travel potty in your car. For nappy changes at the park, a plastic coated change mat works well as it protects your little one and can easily be wiped down.

6. Finally flies and mosquitos can take away the fun of being outdoors, use either some natural repellent or try some anti-repellant wipes, they are safe for use on young children and will keep those insects away.

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