How the Celebrities Fly with Children

Celebrity Parents’ Travel Advice

With the paparazzi regularly stationing themselves at airports, there are countless images of celebrity mums and tots walking on and off planes, looking fabulous and not at all travel weary.  While they have nannies and fly in the executive class section of the airplane, it doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from them. There’s some inspiration from celebrity parents:

Hugh Jackman

When Hugh Jackman travels with his children, it’s often between the US and Australia, which means it is a long flight.  When this family is leaving the airport, they all look rested and it seems to us that the key for the Jackmans is to make sure that the kids are wearing comfortable clothes that don’t pull or restrict movement That way, the little ones are able to fall asleep easily, regardless of the time zone, making walking off the plane on the other side an easier time for everyone involved!

Isla Fisher

Camera shy mum Isla Fisher has been seen at the airport with one of her daughters in a baby carrier, making it much easier for her to navigate check-in and security, not to mention the duty-free shops at the airport.  She always looks as stylish when she reaches her destination as she did when she departed; not having to worry about carrying her baby in her arms clearly makes and impact!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, are frequently spotted travelling together with their little girls.  A good travel tip is to work together by each looking out for one child.  If you’re travelling without a partner, but with older children, get them to buddy up!

Naomi Watts

Another frequent commuter from Australia to America, Naomi Watts is frequently seen with her little ones at the airport, wearing loose clothing, preventing her from feeling too restricted while on the flight.  She’s also been seen cleverly carrying a small handbag, which is easily accessible and could contain all necessary travel documents like passports and tickets.  She also carries a larger tote bag full of things for entertaining kids.

Dannii Minogue

Yet another celebrity mum who makes travelling look easy, Dannii Minogue uses one of our favourite tricks and makes sure to use her buggy all the way to the gate.  This way, she can easily manoeuvre through the airport, without having to prevent her son from squirming around in her arms.  She’s also able to use space in the buggy to hold anything she might pick up at the duty free shops!

Toni Collette

One more Australian actress who travels back and forth to America quite often, Toni Collette is often seen at the airport with her two young children in really comfortable clothes and carrying an oversized, stylish handbag.  For quick trips, using a large handbag or tote as a carry-on is a brilliant idea, as you’ll be able to save space.  You’ll be able to fit in what your children need, and be fashionable at the same time.