Plane travel with kids – tips and packing carry on luggage

boy flying plane588x400General Tips for on a Plane

1. Children under the age of 2 do not need their own seat. If you are travelling a long distance, you may like to book a seat however for extra comfort. When booking your flight, book a bassinet for your baby and request an aisle seat, kids will want to get up and move. If you book their own seat, check if you can take their car seat with you. This way they are contained and in a familiar surroundings. You need to check with the airline before you book to check you can do this.

2. Take your child’s favourite teddy and small blanket and a sleeping bag for a baby, planes get cold and something familiar will help settle babies and young children.

3. If you have a long trip, break up the trip with a 2-3 day stopover. Kids patience is a lot lower than yours.

4. Always have your airline and travel insurance company phone numbers in your mobile phone.

5. Give them milk/water or something to suck on during take-off and landing so their ears adjust to the difference in air pressure.

6. If you are going on a long plane trip, travel at night if possible as the children will sleep much better at night and won’t need to be entertained so much as during the day.

7. If travelling overseas and to regional or remote locations, check in advance what flights are available (keep a print out in your luggage) back to a major city or your home, in the case of emergency this information could be critical.

8. Leave details of your holiday with a family member or close friend at home, including flights, hotel details, insurance details, copy of passport and birth certificate.

9. Always keep a copy of your passport and insurance in your luggage.

Carry on Luggage

1. When you pack your carry-on luggage, remember the supplies in this bag need to last you from when you check in your luggage until you pick up your luggage at your destination. Always pack extra of everything, flight delays are common.

2. For your carry-on luggage, have your nappy change supplies handy and all together (in change wallet or drawstring bag) near the top of the carry-on so it is easily accessible. Always take more nappies than you think you will need. Also take at least 1 change of clothes for a short flight and 2 or more for a long flight – for your children and you.

3. To keep a baby or child happy during the flight, a great idea is to a pack a bag within your carry-on bag. It can be large-pink-ballet-dress-500anything but a drawstring is fantastic. You can pull this out of your carry-on before you sit down and keep it in the pocket right in front of the child. Fill this drawstring with stuff you need for your child and you during your flight – a drink bottle/milk bottle, a favourite toy, a new toy, activities, a bib, a few wipes, and a bag for rubbish.

5. A great activity for kids from 2 years on the plane is a sticker book – you will not have to worry about toys rolling onto the floor and they will love spending time finding where the stickers go. Buy a new one for the trip.

6. If they love milk, you can include a couple of small long life milk cartons for them to have on landing/take off. The Juice Buddy is a great thing to use so they don’t spill it everywhere. Also pack a bottle of water for you, tissues and a pen (to write on for the arrival card).

7. With the recent restrictions on carry on liquids on international flights, remember to pack any liquids in a clear bag bottles 3in 100ml bottles. Note baby’s food, water and milk is exempt from the 100ml limit, see below.

8.  The Australian Government has introduced enhanced security measures limiting the amount of liquids, aerosols, and/or gels guests are permitted to take as carry-on baggage to containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml each. All containers must fit comfortably inside a single one litre transparent re-sealable plastic bag (approx 20cm x 20cm) which must be completely closed. This bag must be presented separately at the security screening point.

These restrictions apply to drinks, foods in sauces, shampoos/soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste, lip balm and similar substances. Note you may still take on-board items purchased after the security screening point at the airport, including duty free.

Exceptions however will be made for guests with medication and quantities of baby food and drinks required for the flight. These items may be subject to additional security checks. Tip – for children’s water bottles, take an empty bottle and fill it up after you pass through the security screening point.

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