Affordable Travel for Families from Student Flights

When planning a holiday the travel budget always sits front of mind as the costs of travel can be high (especially if travelling abroad) with kids. Gone are the days when we travelled (pre-kids) as a couple, where we carried our backpacks around, and found hostels to stay in as we went. Travelling with kids does take a lot more planning!

When you start planning a family vacation on a budget, it may seem a little daunting. First of all, you need to work around your family’s entire needs. When you’ve got that figured out, you’re faced with a thousand accommodation choices and fluctuating airline prices. You start asking yourself, “Which hotel should I stay at? Where are all the affordable flights?

It always pays to extensively research costs for all parts of your travel, especially the high costs like air travel and accommodation.

I have discovered a company that offers affordable services for travellers. Take a look at, which makes it easy for travelling families to plan a budget-friendly vacation, no matter your planning style. And yes, it’s not just for students.

Great prices on flights

Student Flights makes it easy to browse available trips through an attractive home page that offers glimpses of where you and your family could go without making you squint through an imposing long list. Every day, Student Flights offers its “Top Three” feature, which lists three amazing deals. Go to London, Los Angeles, or Paris! You are offered great prices all over the world.

You can also use the website to do an extensive, detailed search. You can search by several search parameters that let you find exactly what you’re looking for. This search area is also available for hotel searches, which allow you to search according to the amount of children you’re bringing with you. Find hotels around the world at amazingly low prices. Search through a quick list of popular destinations with their accompanying lowest price available.

Great offers on accommodation

Student Flights offers a huge range of different quality accommodation, from bargain-priced hostels ideal for backpackers and students to 5 Star accommodation!” Find the “hidden gems” around the world that you never would have heard of otherwise.

Car Rental Options

Once you’ve booked your great deal on your flights and you’ve found the perfect hotel for you and your family, then have a look at the car rental options they have available. Student Flights has developed partnerships with major car rental companies so you’re sure to get a great deal. They offer car rental services for both Australia and overseas. They also have information and bookings available for rail passes for certain destinations.

Travel Insurance

Student Flights also offer travel insurance for your holiday, they understand that sometimes things go wrong, and they’re there to cover you. As the website says, “if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.”

Other services

Student Flights has so many little extra services on their website which we love. They have information on Events and Festivals for your destination, on using mobile phones when travelling, destination guides to give you more information on where you’re travelling to and more.

Student Flights. Don’t let their name fool you – Student Flights is not just for students (although they do make sure they have the best student deals around), they’re serious about cheap travel for everyone – whether you’re adventurous, young or young at heart!