Travel Checklists – forms to help when travelling with kids

Girl making checklistPacking up for a holiday, especially one with kids, cannot be done 5 minutes before you leave, it takes time and careful planning.

The Travel Forms below are designed to help you get ready for your trip, as well as when you are en route.

Things to Do/Things to Take List
Helps you organise your trip with ease and less stress. Keep it on the fridge while getting ready for your holiday and when you think of something you need to do or take, fill it in.

Download  Things to do, things to take form

Important Information – Leave at Home – Take With You Form
If you are travelling overseas, going away for a period of time or interstate this form will help you keep in one place important information like passport numbers, flight details, hotel information, insurance details and so on. Take this with you and also leave one at home with your next of kin, family or friend.

Download Important information – leave at home, take with you form.

Arrival Card and Details Form
Use this form to keep your passport, visa and hotel information in one place – great for when you are completing landing cards or travelling to your hotel.

Download arrival card and details form.

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