Top 5 Day and Weekend Trips from Sydney for Kids

Cheerful, cosmopolitan Sydney is a family-friendly town, with plenty to do for all ages. With popular attractions including the Sydney Aquarium, Luna Park, and Powerhouse Museum, there’s something to suit all ages and interests even on a rainy day.

Theoretically, you should never hear the dreaded words “I’m bored” come out of your child’s mouth. But as we all know, kids love to say this. Even with all that Sydney has to offer, sometimes a change of scenery can be just the ticket. Fortunately, you don’t have to go too far outside of the city to find some exciting and kid-friendly destinations. Beaches, wildlife parks, and historic train tours will be sure to keep boredom at bay!

1. Newcastle
Located a two-hour drive up the coast from Sydney, Newcastle is another family-oriented town with plenty of attractions. Go canoeing at the Wetland Centre or enjoy a picnic in one of the city’s numerous parks. The famous ocean baths have designated swimming areas for children, making them a safe place to splash about and enjoy the sunshine.

Loads of animals to see

2. Taronga Western Plains Zoo
The Taronga Zoo is one of Sydney’s star attractions, but the Taronga Western Plains Zoo too is a fantastic place to visit located 5-6 hours drive from Sydney near the town of Dubbo. The family can easily while away a day here getting up close with the native Australian and exotic animals alike. You can spot elephants, antelope, and other wild creatures as they roam and graze around this spacious wildlife park.

3. Wellington Caves
It will take you 4-5 hours to get out to Wellington Caves, so you’ll want to be sure that you leave early and pack plenty of snacks and distractions. (The Caves are fairly close to Dubbo Zoo so you could combine them with a trip here)

Once you get to the caves, kids will love spotting 800,000 year old fossils and going exploring in the massive Cathedral Cave.

Blue Mountains Trolley Tours

4. Blue Mountains Trolley Tour
There’s plenty to see and do in the Blue Mountains, with their fragrant eucalyptus and hiking trails. If you’re traveling with the kids, a fun way to get around is on the Trolley Tour. This allows you to hop on and off to see attractions of interest, from the Everglades Gardens to Gordon Falls. Be sure to hop off in Leura, which is home to a Toy and Railway Museum as well as the famous Candy Store. The Leura Candy Store is more than your average sweet shop, stocking sweeties from around the world.

5. Kiama Blowhole
Give the classic beach day a twist by taking the family to Kiama, a charming coastal town only 120 km to the south of Sydney. Although you’ll find plenty of expansive sunny beaches to let the kids run around on, the highlight here is the impressive Kiama Blowhole. Known as the largest blowhole in the world, the impressive sight of compressed waves churning up into the air through an underground hole provides natural entertainment for all ages. Grab an ice cream and watch this natural display before going for a swim.

The next time you need a change of pace, hop in and enjoy a day or weekend away from the usual Sydney sights!