Travelling in the car – tips and a checklist

girl in car5844152Travelling in the car with kids can be challenging at times. Here’s a checklist for keeping kids well fed and comfortable in the car – to make car time more enjoyable for all!

1. Always pack snacks, water bottles and if applicable, 2-3 baby bottles (with the correct water in each bottle and pre-measured formula in separate containers). You never know how long you can be held up in traffic or delayed at your destination so always take more food or drinks than required. There is an in car bottle warmer available so you can easily feed when on the go.

2. If travelling with more than one child, have a snack bag for each (with same contents to avoid fights). Include things like dry fruit, rice crackers, sandwiches, mini muffins and maybe a few small treats. Don’t fill them up on too much sugar though as they will then want to run around not sit in a car! There are some great food containers available that keep the contents cold for up to 8 hours – so you can safely take milk,  yoghurt and cheese on long trips.

3. If you are on a long car trip, pack an “in car” and an “in boot” bag with snacks. Take enough snacks and drinks from home so you can refills for the first few days of the trip so you don’t have to go to the shops straightaway.

4. Always keep in the boot of your car – a hat for each child, sunscreen, a few nappies and wipes, a portable potty, nappy sacks, pram/stroller, books/toys/activities, a blanket if it’s cold weather, first aid kit (include insect bite relief, burn cream, insect repellant).

5. If you are on a long trip, plan to stop every couple of hours for a toilet break, drink, something to eat and depending on the time of day some activity time. You can take a basketball or soccer ball so the kids can have a run around. If your kids get restless in the car and you have a very long drive, travel at night so they sleep in the car.

6. If your child is toilet training, you can take a travel potty with you and keep it always in the car, even if your child is well trained. Use a seat protector so if your child wets in the car, their car seat is protected.

Blog us your thoughts and any ideas for keeping kids comfortable in the car and any great in car snacks for kids.

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