Travelling with Kids and Sickness – a few tips

Travelling with kids not only gives them a great opportunity to learn and experience new things, but it also creates so many great memories that will stay with them for life.

Unfortunately though it is easy for kids to get sick while travelling, whether it be a mild form of car or plane motion sickness, to full blown bugs picked up in the local country.

Here’s a few tips to try to minimise the disturbance to your holiday through sickness:

  • Water and food hygiene is critical to ensure nasty bugs do not ruin your holiday. Always take care, drink bottled water if you are unsure and use common sense with foods you buy. Also use an antibacterial sprayto kill germs in toilets, on table tops, in public transport, anywhere.

    PSI Bands – great for motion sickness

  • For motion sickness, try the PSI bands – they are fantastic drug free acupressure wrist bands perfect for the relief of nausea and they are safe for children
  • Also always keep Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags in your bag in case nausea hits
  • Ensure you have a letter from your doctor if you are carrying prescriptions, epipens or other medications
  • Always have travel insurance suitable for your destination
  • If travelling overseas or to a remote location, check what medical facilities are available, whether that is at the hotel, or local hospital or medical centre. You do not want to be looking for this information when your child is sick. Always pack a comprehensive medical kit appropriate to your destination.
  • Check immunisations required, as for very young children certain destinations will not be suitable.
  • If travelling overseas and to regional or remote locations, check in advance what flights are available (keep a print out in your luggage) back to a major city or your home, in the case of emergency this information could be critical.

Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags

We would love to hear your experiences of how you overcame sickness when travelling, and some tips for others. We have 1 pack of 3 Chuckies to give away (6 in total) for the first 6 comments below.

Note Chuckies giveaway is for Australian residents only, please provide comments of around 20-40 words approx. (or more if you have some great tips for others!)