Travelling with Kids – the importance of Travel Insurance

Travelling with kids is a great experience. Before the big trip, good planning and preparation is the key to ensure a smooth holiday (as much as possible!)

Thinking about all the different aspects of travelling with kids is important such as the types of clothing required, which toys to take to entertain, medicines required and so on.

As we know and have experienced before, it is so easy to forget and leave behind an important travel item (I even had a friend once who got to the airport for a New Zealand flight with no passport!). However, in reality, leaving behind an item or two in most cases will be a slight inconvenience.

In my opinion, the most important item to remember to take with you on your holiday is most definitely travel insurance as travelling with kids is not always fun and games.

Following are the key areas to consider and why travel insurance is so important when you are travelling with kids.

Travel insurance covers many different aspects. How many times have you had to cancel your trip even before you embark on your dream holiday? It’s not uncommon that once you have planned every detail of your holiday, one of your kids (or yourself) fall sick which causes you to cancel your trip. We all work very hard to go on holiday and it’s important to have measures in place to protect that holiday investment. It is really important to make sure the travel insurance policy you choose has a sufficient level of cancellation cover.

If you have ever travelled with kids, you would know that you need to take lots of luggage and valuables! For peace of mind, a family travel insurance policy would most likely cover you for risk factors such as lost or delayed baggage. You would be surprised to learn how often luggage is delayed at airports or even lost and stolen. It can be a very expensive exercise for a family to have to replace important lost or delayed luggage on a holiday.

Medical Expenses:
No one wants to think about potentially falling ill or having an accident on their dream holiday. However, it can be a very expensive and stressful experience being stuck in another country and having to pay large amounts of money for medical and hospital expenses. Travel Insurance is so important because travel insurers will generally cover you for medical, hospital and repatriation costs (if needed). Our advice would be to select a travel insurance policy that includes unlimited medical expenses. So be sure to read the travel insurers product disclosure statement to ensure its right for you.

Choosing the right travel insurance policy can be time consuming and confusing. We have highlighted above the 3 of most essential types of coverage to look out for when selecting a travel insurance policy for your family.   We have also noticed a few travel insurance providers that allow kids to go free as long as the kids are under 18 and are accompanied by an insured parent or even grandparent.

It is one of the most important things to do in the planning of your trip, so always take time to do the research and get the right insurance to suit your holiday.