What our customers are saying

Hi Donna,

Thank you very much for your wonderful service. I DID receive the order on Friday morning and to the front door!!! first time ever. The front gate was open so perhaps that helped!! I was able to mail it a few hours later with some other gifts so it should be in Melbourne on the way to Alice via my sister.

Once again, thankyou. I have added your postcard for my niece to order more if she wishes. I can certainly recommend your company to others.

Kind Regards




Boon has a great range of baby and toddler feeding products which are modern and look great but they also are designed to help children learn to eat independently. They definitely make life easier when feeding babies and young children. The range includes the Catch Bowl and Plate, to help stop food escaping, the Squirt Baby Feeding Spoon, Fluid Sippy Cup, Munch Snack Container and Lawn and Grass to hold kids drink bottles and containers.