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We bought thermos drink bottles for all our children last year. They have been excellent. I love that I don't have to search for matching insulation sleeves for the bottles every morning and that they don't sweat water all over the rest of the bag. The drinks stay really cold all day even in summer.

Eldest daughter has even forgotten to bring hers home one night and thanked me the next day for going back to school and refilling with cold water for her (even though I didn't I just took the praise!) They are good value for money, ours were used every day for a year with no problems at all. We have thrown all other bottles out, I'll only buy these in future.

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Built Neoprene Lunch Bags and Baby products are great quality, gorgeous designs and offer great insulation. Because they are made from 'wetsuit' material they protect and insulate from temperature, keeping contents cooler and also protects from impact for everything from electronics, to makeup, to food. Their range includes durable Lunch Bags, Everyday Tote Bags, Bottle Bags, Baby Change Mats, Pram Accessories and more.

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