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What our customers are saying

We got our first Trunki about 6 years ago when my daughter was almost 2. More than any other item we took with us on that trip, the Trunki was without a doubt the most valuable. Since we loved it so much we got one for our son when he was about 18 months.

It makes navigating the airports so much whiny kids asking to be carried when you have handbags, carry ones, a cup of coffee etc. plus they love to ride them and find them so fun. I was stopped many times by parents of young kids asking what they were and where to get one.

They are very durable, have withstood at least a dozen flights, and are great for weekends away. The one downside is that they can tip over when you turn a tight corner, but with practice, by the time a child is 2, they can learn to use their feet to help turn and keep it upright. I can't rave enough about the Trunki!!

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