If a product is out of stock you are able to place a backorder for this item. A box will automatically open when something is out of stock where you can enter in your details, the quantity of the item you need and when you need it by. We will then let you know by email when the product is available again.

Note a backorder does not guarantee we will be able to get the product and does not allocate the stock to you. We will try our best to meet all backorder requests but sometimes the supplier may be out of stock of particular items. The email you receive when the item is back in stock is a notification only and no stock is being held. We recommend you place your order as soon as possible after you receive this email to guarantee the stock will still be available.

What our customers are saying

I absolutely love all of the things l bought. Which is lucky because sometimes that isn't the case over the net. We have been living in the country for over a year and l sometimes find it really hard to travel to find things l need.

The fridge to go is fantastic. It's light and fits everything in easily. My fav product is the 4 my earth lunch wrap. I haven't used glad wrap once since buying these. That is a great feeling..

The school bag is really light and fits my eight year old well. I love the nappy bag and the bubbaroo sleeping bag is wonderful. So easy and much better than blankets as they were getting tangled up all the time with Winter moving around her cot. I genuinely think you have a great website and the staff are very helpful and sincere.

Thanks again!

Dell. :-)