What our customers are saying

Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service in supplying my order (Fit and Fresh lunch pod and snack container)! Received today. I am extremely happy with the pod and snack container, will give me less worry about lunches being spoiled for my little man, who goes to big school next year! Thanks Sam


Kids Swimming and Drawstring Bags

This great selection of kids' drawstring bags are perfect to use as swimming bags, library bags and sheet bags. Drawstring bags are so handy for summer parties at the pool. Just throw your towel, suit and sunscreen into your bag, put it over your shoulder and go. These cool bags are bright and cheerful with enough patterns for everyone in the family to have their own favorite. Even for the non-swimmers in the family, these bags are perfect for overnight's at a friend's house or the weekend with Grandma. Use these drawstring bags to take a change of clothing for after-school sports or dance class. So versatile, you will find dozens of uses for these bags.