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I used sudo cream for as long as I can remember on my twins. It always worked straight away, giving them relief from any discomfort. I found it priced really well and it would last a fair while.

I liked that it was a thick consistency, helping it stay where it was put to protect from moisture making any nappy rash worse. I have told plenty of friends who have become mums after me and wanting advice in nappy rash to use sudocream as we loved it!

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Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags

Haggus and Stookles wants to make lunchtime FUNtime for the whole family! We offer a wide range of lunch boxes and bags, varying in material, size, design, and colour. Whether you need a soft, insulated lunch bag that can pack down flat in a cupboard, or prefer a sturdier kids’ lunch box to prevent squished sandwiches, we have the perfect option for you.... Our lunch boxes and bags appeal to kids of all ages—we offer bright colours and images as well as more toned-down, sophisticated options that will keep your child happily lunching until they leave for university. We know a few mums and dads use our lunch containers for themselves, too! And who can blame them? Our lunch containers make packing lunch a cinch. Especially when paired with our convenient divided container, it’s easy to pack a perfectly portioned, healthy meal that stays fresh in an insulated lunch box. Why not buy a few containers for your lunch box, too? Easy to keep clean and easy to keep track of, our food and drink containers help keep busy families organised. Read more