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Potette Plus and liners, for on the go toilet training has been brilliant for my 3yr old girl! The liners absorb everything, don't leak and are so easy to use. The amount of times I've used this at playgrounds, when she just needs to go....it really has been very useful. Especially with another little one, it makes life so much easier with a portable potty and liners, so need to rush around and find the nearest toilet! Thank you for selling such handy products for the family Haggus and Stookles.

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Toilet Training

Toilet training is part of becoming a "big kid," but can be difficult or frustrating for parents. Don't worry, these toilet training products can help make this transition easier for you and your child. With our great toilet training seats, portable potty, wet/dry bags and waterproof bedding, your family will breeze through the potty training period without any mishaps. There is no reason to change your daily routine as long as you have the portable potty and wet/dry bags on hand, and your child will become confident in themselves as they learn to become a grownup.