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Medbag EpiPen Pouch

Brand: Medbag

The MedBag EpiPen Pouch is an easy way to store your EpiPen. The MedBag EpiPen Pouch design makes it highly visible and easy to use. The designers at MegBag believe management of medical conditions from life threatening conditions to everyday pharmaceuticals should be simple.

Available in blue and orange

  • Foil lined EpiPen pouch
  • Identification label with room to include a phone number
  • Secure velcro closer for easy access
  • Measuring length – 17.5cm l, 4.5cm w, 3cm d
  • Clearly identified as a medical bag
  • Belt loop on reverse of EpiPen pouch
  • Also available in a double epipen pouch
  • See other products available from MedBag

Note - keep your Medical products out of direct sunlight and away from heat

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