Medbag Foil Lined Tri-Bag - Travel Medical Bag

Brand: Medbag

The Medbag Foil Lined Tri-Bag - Travel Medical Bag is a light, portable, foil lined bag designed specifically to hold medication. This medical bag is child friendly, your child’s name, medical condition and emergency contact is clearly shown on the identification tag within the bag. A loop makes it easy to attach to kids bags.

The designers at MegBag believe management of medical conditions from life threatening conditions to everyday pharmaceuticals should be simple. Children are individuals, as are their needs therefore the bag has been designed to hold a variety of medications - the EpiPen® for anaphylaxis, Asthma Ventolin and spacer, Clarentine, Panadol and/or antibiotics.

Colour - available in red and grey

  • Foil lined bag
  • Identification tag and emergency contact details within bag
  • Loop for hanging or use to attach to your kids bag
  • Secure zip closure
  • The Pouch Bag's external dimensions are approximately 4.5cm w (tapered) x 7.5cm h x 18cm l
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