MyMediBag Hard Insulated Medication Case - medium size

Brand: MyMediBag

Mymedibag® is a hard insulated medication case perfect for holding medications for kids or adults when you are traveling or on the go. Completely insulated, the case includes an external personal identification label and internal medication cards.

It has been designed specifially to hold and protect essential medicines such as an epipen, anapen, asthma inhaler, diabetes medication, auto-injector, and much more.

Mymedibag is lightweight therefore very light to carry but it is also durable making it safe for your medicine.

  • Perfect for kids to take to kindy or school
  • Idea to use on holidays, to take to work or use when out and about
  • Size - 19cm l x 9cm w x 6cm h
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Hardcase with internal insulation
  • Includes carabiner clip to hook onto a bag
  • External pocket for identification card (card included)
  • Internal pocket for medication card (card included)
  • Includes 2 internal elastic loops to hold medication in place
  • Ideal for epipen, anapen, asthma inhaler, bottle of antihistamine, diabetes medication, auto-injector, and much more

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