Ball Mason Quart/950ml Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Brand: Ball Mason

Originally designed as a preserving jar, these genuine Ball Mason Jars are gorgeous to use for gift giving filled with homemade treats, at birthday parties, as home decor, for glass food storage and more.

When preserving they are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as jams, pickles, chutneys, sauces, mustards and flavoured vinegars.

Also perfect for food storage including nuts, herbs, seeds, or use in the fridge for homemade sauces, dips, smoothies, anything.

For families with children, we also love them the mason jars to use as a sturdy glass for kids, or as a retro glass for birthday parties to use for drinks, as a party bag or to hold party food, candles or other decorations.

These jars are also perfect for holding salads to take to work. Make 5 on a Sunday and they will stay fresh all week.

Style - Quart/950ml Wide Mouth Mason Jar

  • Each jar comes complete with 2 part lid consisting of a flat disk incorporating a seal (the lid) and a twist on ring to hold the lid in place for processing (the band). Lids are recommended for single use only if the jar is heat processed using a water bath or pressure canner. Bands can be reused.
  • If jars are just used for dry storage, or not subjected to processing, the lid will last indefinitely.
  • Replacement preserving lids are available
  • Clear high quality moulded glass
  • The wide mouth denotes the size of the mouth opening: the mouth opening is 86mm. These jars are compatible with lids and accessories designed for wide mouth jars.
  • Jars and Lids are BPA Free
  • Made in America
  • Size - Width 86mm (wide mouth) x Height 165mm
  • Capacity - regular mouth jars with US quart capacity of approximately 950ml (32oz)
  • Suitable treatment methods: dry storage, vacuum seal, fermenting, water bath, pressure can, freeze, candle making
  • Ball jars cannot be baked or used in a microwave
  • See the full range of Ball Mason Jars and accessories

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