Diono Super Mat

Car Seat Protector - Waterproof & washable and fitted with handy front pockets Brand: Diono

The Diono (formerly Sunshine Kids) Super Mat is a car seat protector that will protect your vehicles car seat. It features individual panels of high density foam that contour to any vehicle seat and protects the upholstery from the permanent indentations caused by child car seats.

The mat also has non-slip surfaces on the top and bottom to prevent the child seat being able to slip and slide.

With handy front organiser pockets, it really is the ultimate undermat. Works with all infant carriers, car seats and booster seats.

  • Waterproof
  • Washable
  • Grip surfaces stop car seat slip
  • Foam panels protect upholstery from dents

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Product Reviews
Posted by Renae

Their seats stayed still... from start to arrive.

I have the Diono Super Mat, I bet you can't guess what for?! Seat protection?.. Oh yes, it does that. But it does even more!!! My car interior is leather, which makes baby seats slide. The kids squeal with pleasure, as it's like a show ride. But safety is important, so I tried the super mat; and crossed my fingers after instalment. In their seats my children sat, as we went for a drive. Their seats stayed still... from start to arrive. My problem solved is such a thrill.

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