Houdini Stop - Child Harness Chest Clip - Twin Pack

Brand: Houdini Stop

New twin pack.

The Houdini Stop is a fantastic product will help to keep kids safe in the car and enables you to fully concentrate on driving. An essential car safety accessory, it is a simple clip that attaches to a child seat harness that stops kids being able to pull their arms out of their harness.

  • Includes 2 x houdini stops
  • Keeps children's arms in harnesses
  • Perfect for car seats, highchairs, prams and strollers
  • Can be used with '5 point' and 'H' harnesses
  • Successfully tested to standard AS/NZS 1754
  • On and off with one hand
  • Made from durable materials, the Houdini Stop™ cannot be moved once in place
  • Clips around shoulder restraints, no threading or removing straps required

Please note - this is an aftermarket product, used to help prevent children removing their arms from their car seat restraints. This is not a child restraint.

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