Houdini Stop - Child Harness Chest Clip

Stops kids pulling their arms out of car seat harnesses! Brand: Houdini Stop

The Houdini Stop is a fantastic product that keeps children safe when travelling in the car. It is a simple clip that attaches to a child seat harness that stops kids being able to pull their arms out of their harness. It keeps them safe and enables you to fully concentrate on driving. An essential car safety accessory.

  • Keeps children's arms in harnesses
  • Perfect for car seats, highchairs, prams and strollers
  • Can be used with '5 point' and 'H' harnesses
  • Successfully tested to standard AS/NZS 1754
  • On and off with one hand
  • Made from durable materials, the Houdini Stop™ cannot be moved once in place
  • Clips around shoulder restraints, no threading or removing straps required

Please note - this is an aftermarket product, used to help prevent children removing their arms from their car seat restraints. This is not a child restraint.

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Product Reviews
Posted by Sarah

I highly recommend them

I purchased the 'houdini stop' when my darling little girl decided she would try & climb out of her pram and car seat! It's easy to use & gives me peace of mind that she is still safely in her car seat when I'm driving & not trying too climb out of her pram while we're out walking!! I highly recommend them, especially too make travelling in the car just that little bit safer!!

Posted by Heather

Since purchasing the Houdini Stop, he hasn't been able to escape once! Its fantastic!

My son kept escaping from his carseat and pram everytime I strapped him in, since purchasing the HOUDINI STOP, he hasn't been able to escape once! Its fantastic! I love it! It was definitely worth every $$ .... Its so easy to clip on and off the straps with one hand and its definitely NOT fiddly, Have I mentioned how much I love it?! :-)

Posted by Amy

LOVING the Houdini stop

LOVING the Houdini stop... On the start of an 8h car journey today, knowing my 2yo is safe in his car seat and not hanging out the straps. Its really easy to use! Amy :)

Posted by Kelly

The Houdini Stop is the best thing ever!!!

Good morning

Thank you so much, the service was fast and fantastic and my daughter is no longer half standing up in her car seat. The Houdini Stop is the best thing ever!!!

Thanks for everything, I'll certainly recommend you to all of my family and friends!


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