Funtainer/Intak Black F400/H
Funtainer/Intak Black F400/H

Thermos Straw Bottle Replacement Lids (excluding mouthpiece)

For Foogo, Funtainer and Intak Bottles Brand: Thermos

Thermos Lids to suit various Thermos Bottles as follows. If you unsure which lid you need please contact us.

The OLDER STYLE F400 Funtainer and Intak Straw Bottle Lid have an egg shaped or pear shaped button on the lid, like this


There are many bottles that this lid fits like Sports (seen above), Blue Camo, Action, Butterfly, Flower, Camo Chick) plus Intak 530ml sizes like Think Green, Pink Floral, Butterfly.  Note, the button on the lid is an egg shape.


The LATEST STYLE F401 funtainer lid has a Trapezium shaped button and the carry loop on the top of the lid as per pictures below:


The current bottles available in Australia that this lid fits are Fire Engine, Funtainer Blue, Funtainer Pink, Frozen, Fairies, Thomas and Cars. This mouthpiece also fits the Thermos Funtainer 470ml Bottles Charcoal and Purple.

Thermos replacement lids for the Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottles and Intak 530ml Straw Bottles, as follows:

  • Funtainer Pink - suits Thermos Funtainer Bottles F400 models
  • Funtainer/Intak Black - suits Thermos Funtainer Sports F400 model and Intak 530ml HS4010 model bottles
  • Funtainer Black / Pink F401 (new with loop)

Note, the mouthpiece that fits these lids is the Foogo, Funtainer and Intak Straw Bottle Mouthpiece. (sold seperately). These replacement lids do not come with a mouthpiece or straw.

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Posted by Mary

The container itself was still in good condition, only the lid was damaged

I purchased the replacement lid for the Thermos kids drinking bottle which was great the container itself was still in good condition, only the lid was damaged . Haggus and Stookles were the only website that I could find that sold it.

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