4MyEarth Bread Bag

Brand: 4MyEarth

The 4MyEarth Bread Bag is an environmentally friendly food bag designed for carrying and storing your bread. Use it to store either your homemade bread or rolls or bread bought from your local baker. This long lasting, strong bread bag will keep your bread fresh.

Design - available in bird

  • Includes 1 x bread bag
  • Size – 30cm w c 40cm l
  • Easy to use zipper closure
  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong
  • Made from 100% cotton/canvas fabric
  • Zipper for easy open and close
  • Hand wash, machine wash or dishwasher safe
  • Can be put in freezer
  • Stores flat for easy and simple storage
  • PVC free, non-toxic, heavy metal free, phthalate free, BPA Free
  • Coating decomposes without harm to environment- unlike PUL or Nylon which is not biodegradable
  • Ethically made in India

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Product Reviews
Posted by Dell

I haven't used glad wrap once since buying these

My fav product is the my earth lunch bag. I haven't used glad wrap once since buying these. That is a great feeling.

Posted by Sally

4MyEarth Sandwich Pocket

Our son has Cerebral Palsy on his right side and we have used this product for years now, as he cannot open gladwrap. This is a great product for people with disabilities!

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