Fit and Fresh Smart Portion 2 Cup Snack Chill Containers (set of 4)

4 pack Brand: Fit & Fresh

The Fit and Fresh Smart Portion Chill Containers are great snack cups for taking snacks and keeping them cool when you are on the go. Great to add to a kids lunch box to keep their fruit, yoghurt and other foods cool.

  • Each container holds 2 cups and includes measurements on the side to ensure proper portions
  • Removable ice pack - clips into the underside of the lid to keep food fresh and chilled
  • Lids - tabbed on two sides to make opening effortless
  • Includes 4 containers, 4 lids and only 2 removable ice packs
  • Size - 13cml x 9cm d x 6.5cm h
  • Safe for microwave (without ice pack), freezer and dishwasher
  • BPA free
  • See the range of Fit & Fresh products

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