Haba Unicorns in the Clouds Board Game

Brand: Haba

Playfully the four unicorns race to the sun. On their galloping journey through the clouds and sliding on rainbows, each can collect beautiful cloud crystals. However they must be very careful as a thunderstorm may suddenly appear.

Which of the unicorns: Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower or Magic Heart will make it through the beautiful Land of Clouds to the sun first and have the most cloud crystals at the end?

Players start by choosing a coloured unicorn and placing their piece on the big blue rain cloud. The player who reaches the sun cloud with the most cloud crystals is the winner.

  • A sparkling die competition for 2-4 players
  • Suitable for children 3 years +
  • Includes 60 sparkling crystals, easy rules and four little unicorns
  • Made in Germany
  • See the full range of Haba Toys available

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