That's MY Story Storytelling Game

Brand: That's My Story

Let your imagination run wild with this magical set of story cards that can be adapted to children of various ages and literacy levels.

That's MY Story cards encourage early literacy, vocabulary and comprehension skills, while enhancing creativity and imagination... and they are not just for kids!

The portable set of cards is contained in a neat little tin with a set of instructions, making it an ideal companion for long plane or car trips, but also an engaging alternative to a bed-time story.

The cards are divided into several different colour categories with an identifying word printed on the back.

The Story Starter card contains a number of lines to start your story (like, ‘A long time ago...' or, ‘It was a beautiful summer's day...'); or you can make up one of your own.

Then there are 16 red character cards (the object of the story), 14 green setting cards (why is the character there?), 14 yellow wild cards (an unexpected twist in the story), and a blue story closer to reach an ending. Younger children (aged 3-4) will love Mum or Dad to do the storytelling and can gradually start to create their own short tales, while older children (5 ) will enjoy telling tall tales of tell their own. Kids can develop multiple variations of the game depending on the level of complexity and number of players.

  • Age guide: from 3 years
  • Play it anywhere!
  • The neat little tin is durable and portable
  • Pop in a handbag for fun on-the-go
  • Perfect for long car or plane trips
  • Play it while you’re cooking dinner
  • A great alternative to a bedtime story
  • Storytelling has been shown to play a fundamental role in children’s learning

That’s MY Story will teach children:

Essential oral language and problem-solving skills

Oral language is viewed as the foundation for all forms of literacy. That’s My Story can develop a child’s oral language skills before they start school which can be hugely beneficial to their ongoing learning skills.

About story structure (beginning, middle and end)

Children choose a Red Character card and a Green Setting card as the beginning of their story. They then introduce a Yellow Wild card as a complication or problem to their story (the middle). The ‘How does the story end’ card prompts children to think of a resolution or ending to their story.

How to tell a story using imagination and creativity

The picture cards help children to express themselves creatively. Rather than passively listening to story, children are encouraged to actively engage their imagination as they think of their very own narrative.

To extend their vocabulary and develop memory

Storytelling involves the dynamic use of voice and gesture which can convey the meaning of a story more memorably. It can enhance speaking and listening skills and increase vocabulary as children hear new words being used in a creative and engaging way.

That stories come from within

Young children often think that a story comes from a book, without conscious thought that a person wrote it. That’s My Story contains a Harlequin card to be used at the end of each story. Children say aloud, ‘That’s My Story’ which helps take ownership of their creativity and their story.

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