Ecococoon Insulated Water Bottle - 600ml

Available in Sapphire design Brand: Ecococoon

The Ecococoon insulated water bottles are completely unique. Ecococoon has developed a cap that won’t leak without using straws or sippers and a bottle that won’t get slippery with condensation.

The double walled design not only makes these water bottles sturdy and durable, but also insulates the liquid so cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot, just the way you want them!

Constructed out of 18/8 stainless steel, these water bottles are built to last and last and will not leach harmful toxins like plastic bottles and are far more durable than aluminium alternatives.

The unique cocoon caps are designed using a one-way valve which means no germy straws or sippers and, most importantly, no leaks!

Manufactured for maximum functionality, the cocoon cap allows you to get your refreshment with one hand, making them perfect for in the car, at the gym and on the go.

  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel
  • 600ml capacity
  • Double walled insulated water bottle
  • Cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot
  • Sweat proof design so the bottle will not get condensation
  • The Cocoon Cap won't leak or spill
  • One way valve
  • Size - 26cm high x 7cm diameter
  • BPA free

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Product Reviews
Posted by Ella

No condensation at all!

She loves it. It seems to be able to cop a few knocks without too much trouble. She has dropped it a couple of times whilst en route to her bag. However, so saying... she has no trouble opening or closing it unlike most bottles and she feels pretty special with such an attractive looking bottle.

The non drip top is nice too. I would definitely classify this as an easy bottle for a child to use. On behalf of mummy, I did the cold water in the bottle trick and that was impressive. No condensation at all! Am I right in saying on behalf of all those mums out there that condensation can be the biggest pain in the ... No damp/wet anything.

It also kept the drink beautifully cold. Overall I am really impressed and couldn't say anything bad about this bottle. My 2nd daughter wants one now..... in pink.

Posted by Michelle

LOVE this drink bottle!

LOVE this drink bottle! I love that it keeps his drink so cold when we are out walking, or if it's been in the car for a while on a long trip.

It is easy for him to hold in his little hands and very resiliant to "toddler wear-and-tear" - he's dropped it from his highchair once onto hard tiles and not a mark on it (or the tiles Wink)

We've had no leaking and no problems with Carter being able to easily drink from it.

I would recommend these to other parents - especially with Summer fast approaching.

Posted by Arielle

There are no leaks, she can even take the lid off and put it back with no problem

This is a fantastic product! I was pretty excited at receiving a new bottle - until our daughter spied it - she is 16 months and now, she is pretty excited at receiving a new water bottle! she loves it! There are no leaks, she can even take the lid off and put it back with no problem. She loves to drink from it, and I'm confident she can do it without the water going everywhere.

My husband managed to get some use when she was momentarily distracted, and also commented on the no leaks, as well as keeping the water cool for ages (and this was after sitting in a warm car for a while). It's also a good carry size compared to some bottles.


Posted by Vicki

The best bottle imaginable

I have one of these for my Mr3. Santa brought it at Christmas and it has copped an absolute flogging. It goes everywhere and its a battle to get it off him to wash it up.

It keeps cold all day in summer, he has chewed and chewed the spout and still it does not leak.

I love this and have recently purchased a smaller one for my 12mth old and he loves it just as much. They are so hardy, drip proof (yes they take them to bed) and easy to clean.

Cannot recommend them highly enough, well worth the money and more.

Posted by Kristy

Best ever leak proof cap

Ecococoon Drink Bottles are my absolute favourite, best ever leak proof cap, easy for all my kids to use, ages 4, 8 and 10, tough and durable, my kids have not been able to destroy them unlike many other brands, I love them, and I also love my mother in law for buying them, thanks Haggus and Stookles and thanks Jude XXxx

Posted by Jessica

These are by far the best drink bottles we have ever had.

These are by far the best drink bottles we have ever had. I have one and so do each of my 3 children, ages 5, 3 and just over 1. They come in fantastic colours, designs, and sizes to suit everyone. The best part is the leak proof cocoon cap. And YES it is leak proof, unlike so many others that claim they don’t but actually do. They keep drinks cold for 24 hours, and you can even put hot drinks into them. They even give you a screw top lid for your hot drinks. Check out the Ecococoon cuddlers too. We purchased these, and have been great for providing added protection against accidental drops. Ecococoon Drink Bottles best purchase I have made! Thanks Haggus&Stookles.

Posted by Olivia

Are truly leak proof and that's why I love them!

Ecococoon stainless steel drink bottles are truly leak proof and that's why I love them! I bought two for my little ones and are used everyday, dropped etc and are still leak free! Gorgeous patterns on the bottles, my girls love them and are very proud of their butterflies and buzzing bees drawings. Thanks for such a great product and something that every family needs.