Trunki Kids Suitcase - Boris the London Bus

Kids can pack it, sit on it and ride it! Brand: Trunki
Ding ding, all aboard! Boris the Bus is a true British gent who loves to travel. Boris comes with a free animal sticker pack, so you can add a menagerie of passengers too!
Say good bye to tiring travel, tears and child tantrums with an award winning Trunki Kids Suitcase - the world's first ride on suitcase. Designed especially for little ones who can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage, whilst parents can keep them in tow.
Trunki was created to beat the boredom so often suffered by travelling tots. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow.

Features include:

  • 18 litres of space to pack favourite toys and games
  • Secure lockable catches with key fixed to strap
  • Lightweight and durable - made from the same lightweight durable plastic as grown ups' cases
  • Comfortable saddle to rest tired legs in queues, you'll never hear 'my feet hurt' again
  • Horn Grips - take control, grab the horns and steer your Trunki
  • Tow strap so you can easily carry your hand luggage and keep the kids in tow
  • 2 x carry handles - quick to grab for a departure gate dash
  • Soft rubber rim to protect little fingers when packing
  • Internal pocket for keeping little things tucked away and easy to find
  • Teddybear seatbelts - strap in the toys and stop them tumbling out when Trunki is open
  • 5 year warranty
  • Integrated wheels - while travelling and on holiday use as a ride on toy - your kids will love it!
  • Extra wide wheel base for superb cornering
  • Stabilisers prevent over-excited tots from toppling off
  • ID tag, just in case your Trunki gets lost
  • Strong hooks - tow several tots at a time
  • Strap to throw over shoulder if you're in a rush
  • Dimensions - 46cm l x 21cm w x 31cm h (hand luggage size)
  • Holds up to 50kg
  • Weight - 1.7kgs
  • Suitable for kids 3 years+
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