Trunki Kids Suitcase - Harley Lady Bug

Ride on or pull along! Brand: Trunki
Don't miss out on the gorgeous limited edition Trunki - Harley the Lady Bug! An absolutely gorgeous addition to the Trunki family - fresh from the undergrowth for summer!

Say good bye to tiring travel, tears and child tantrums with an award winning Trunki Kids Suitcase - the world's first ride on suitcase. Designed especially for little ones who can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage, whilst parents can keep them in tow.

Features include:

  • Internal pouch for keeping little things tucked away and easy to find
  • Locking catches with key fixed to strap
  • Teddybear seatbelts - strap in the toys and stop them tumbling out when Trunki is open
  • 2 x carry handles - quick to grab for a departure gate dash
  • Trunki passport - Your new Trunki will come with its very own passport, which can be filled with exciting downloads, keeping tots entertained when Trunki has been stowed away.

Other features of the Trunki include:

  • Comfortable saddle to rest tired legs in queues, you'll never hear 'my feet hurt' again
  • Integrated wheels - while travelling and on holiday use as a ride on toy - your kids will love it!
  • Extra wide wheel base for superb cornering
  • Top quality, made from the same lightweight durable plastic as grown ups' cases
  • Horn Grips - take control, grab the horns and steer your Trunki
  • Stabilisers prevent over-excited tots from toppling off
  • 18 litres of space to pack favourite toys and games
  • Soft rubber rim to protect little fingers when packing
  • Secret compartments for storing sweets and the little things kids love
  • ID tag, just in case your Trunki gets lost
  • Towing handle so you can easily carry your hand luggage and keep the kids in tow
  • Strong hooks - tow several tots at a time!
  • Strap to throw over shoulder if you're in a rush
  • Dimensions - 47cm l x 20cm w x 31cm h (hand luggage size)
  • Weight - 1.7kgs
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Product Reviews
Posted by Caprice

These were fabulous for keeping them in lines at the airport

We have the Ladybird and the Bee Trunki suitcases. We were doing a trip from Perth to Brisbane with 3 kids aged 3 and under so these were fabulous for keeping them in lines at the airport by riding and to put in food, games, books, pencils and more for the long flight. Even when not being used for travel my girls still like to ride them around.

Posted by Steph

We LOVE trunkis!

We LOVE trunkis! Would love to splurge and get the kids one each! Steph!!

Posted by Lavinia

This is a fantastic suitcase for the littlies

My daughter has a Trunki to take on holidays with us. This is a fantastic suitcase for the littlies because:

1. It comes in all different designs.

2. Great for pulling your child around the airport on it.

3. Fits in the overhead cabin on all flights 4. Lightweight and very durable 5. Has a section on one side of the trunki so that when you open it up everything doesnt fall out 6. Easy to clean!!!!!!!!!!

7. Keeps the kids entertained while travelling/in the airport 8. Spacious enough for kids small toys/books/blanket etc.

We also use it at home too to go riding on, it makes it fun for the kids and easy for the parents, what more could you want when travelling.

Would recommend this product to all travelling families

Posted by Jayde

Go and get a know you want to!

We have 2 trunkis in this house and they are the best thing since sliced bread! Not only are they brilliant for travelling with small children (I wish they had a grown up version so my hubby could wheel me around the airport), they are a great toy at home!

We have found the trunki to be a much loved 1st bithday/Christmas present as well, we have bought several of them for friends and family.

Go and get a know you want to!

Posted by Amber

It is the best kids suitcase on the market

OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Trunki suitcase - it is the BEES KNEES....It is the best kids suitcase on the market. A great carry on for toys, change of clothes and snacks for long journeys or the perfect size for an overnighter. The size is just perfect for little people and will last from birth until teen.The best part about it is the wheels....we could pull our daughter along through the airport and when tired she could sit on it in queues. It is such a great design and worth every cent. Plus it is SUPER DUPER CUTE.

Posted by Nikki

It made the trip more enjoyable for the kids (they were fun to ride on)

We took trunkis with us when we went to Europe with our 5 year old twins. They were great as carry ons. My girls rode on them and we could carry them easily when not in use. I would recommend getting the bags that fit inside to make sure that when you open them everything doesn't fall out and thing stay more organised. It made the trip more enjoyable for the kids (they were fun to ride on) and quick for us in the airport, faster than the kids walking. Plus no nagging the kids to hurry up!

Posted by Bee

It is a must have for any parents travelling with kids

This item is so well made and I almost think it is a must have for any parents travelling with kids. It is priceless entertainment for them as you wait around for your plane, a ride on whilst at your destination, very acceptable carry-on, fast transport when you are late for your plane ;) as well as being well constructed, very safe and keeps anything inside in perfect condition.

We've had ours for years and have found no faults or damage with it. The only thing that I would say against it is that it is difficult for my child to open, but this is part and parcel of it being definitely spill proof whilst riding on and travelling with.

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