ArtBird Lunch & Liberty Bag - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

On Sale - 50% Off! Lunch & Liberty Bag Brand: ArtBird

The ArtBird Lunch & Liberty Bag is designed to be a day bag, use it as a lunch bag or it can be your best bud on the next adventure. All are covered with original art & graphics: visual ballads to keep you humming thru the day, inspire you when storm clouds threaten and remind you of life's grand mysteries.

British Invasion karma is yours when you carry this silver & black disco bag. Sponge clean, wipe dry, rock on. Oh yeah!

Design - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

  • Certified food-safe lining
  • Fully insulated
  • Zipper closure
  • Size - 25cm w x 25cm h x 13cm d
  • Leatherette construction
  • Comfy adjustable strap that shortens into a handle
  • Generous interior mesh weave pocket - perfect to hold an ice pack
  • Sponge clean, wipe dry

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