Dabbawalla Insulated Lunch Bag - Cute as a Bug

Brand: Dabbawalla Bags

The Dabbawalla Insulated Lunch Bags are kids lunch bags that look absolutely gorgeous, but they are also so practical and the best thing about them (which makes it so much easier for parents!) is they are completely machine washable so easy to keep clean.

The new range of Dabbawalla Bags are crafted from Ariaprene, an innovative neoprene-like fabric that is degradable, recyclable and 100% free of toxic chemicals. In addition, only water based adhesives are used during the lamination process, so it is completely solvent free, with no residual VOC's.

Dabbawalla Bags is committed to helping people live more sustainably, while still being able to get products that make their lives easier and more fun.

Design - Cute as a bug

  • The fabric is stain resistant and has excellent insulation properties to help retain food temperatures.
  • Includes two inside mesh pockets one which can hold an ice pack for added temperature control for longer trips and the other perfect to keep a drink bottle upright
  • Easy grip handle on top
  • Stands upright for easy access inside
  • Also includes an additional outside back pocket
  • Completely machine-washable - spot clean where necessary and then machine wash (front loader is preferred) or in a wash bag in a top loader.
  • We recommend washing this product approximately twice a term (or more if needed)
  • Size 31cm l x 28cm w x 13cm d
  • See the full range available from Dabbawalla

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