Flip Lid Kids Lunch Box - Pink & Grey

6 compartment lunch box Brand: Flip Lid

A Flip Lid Kids Lunchbox is the newest and most fun and practical way to pack a lunch and morning tea that your child will look forward to.

Each Flip Lid Lunchbox provides plenty of room across 6 compartments to pack a full and healthy morning tea and lunch for school.  Food can be segregated across the compartments which means no more squashed sandwiches (or cake slice or muffin).

Making lunches has never been quicker or easier – pack a light and healthy morning tea across 3 of the compartments and use the other 3 for a well-balanced lunch that will keep your child powering through their school day.

Flip Lid Lunchboxes are made from food grade materials and are BPA and phthalate free, ensuring that not only are you giving your child a healthy lunch, but you are serving it in a healthy lunchbox.

And the 6 compartments are only half the story of this unique little lunchbox…the other half is exactly how you get to all 6 compartments!  Check out our video for a demonstration of how it works.

Can you get any more elegant than this wonderful pastel pink and gorgeous grey lunchbox?  It really is sublime.

Included with each Lunchbox is a leak-proof container, which can be used for yoghurt, tinned fruit or dipping sauce.  Plus a small drink bottle, which holds approx. the same amount as a juice box, which means you can save money by buying a bigger bottle and decanting.  The drink bottle can also double as a freezer block when inserted into one of the middle large compartments.

Design - Pink & Grey

Each Flip Lid Lunchbox:

  • Is BPA and phthalate free
  • Has 6 compartments (2 large sandwich size, 4 small snack size) - a great size for older children
  • As all compartments close separately food can't spill into each other
  • The compartments act not only as a guide but also aid with portion control which combine to help you easily tick all the healthy boxes when preparing a day’s school meal.
  • Size - 23.5cm l x 13cm w x 9.5 cm d
  • Includes a leak-proof container and small drink bottle
  • Is sturdy and durable
  • Is designed in Australia
  • Does away with the need for lots of containers & lids (which can easily get lost)
  • Is dishwasher safe, top rack only, no heat boosters
  • Is so quick and easy to pack
  • Is great for portion control
  • Helps guide the packing of a healthy and balanced morning tea and lunch
  • The following insulated lunch bags fits the Flip Lid - FlipLid Neoprene Lunch Bag, Fridge to Go 12 canArtBird Lunch & Liberty Bags. Built Spicy Relish Bags, Fit n Fresh Santa Fe, Fit n Fresh New Yorker,  and Fit n Fresh Newport Bags.

A Flip Lid is also much more than just a school lunchbox:

  • Pack it for weekend picnics or trips to the beach
  • Use it on those long car drives
  • Flying with an airline that doesn't provide food?  Pack a Flip Lid instead
  • Take it to the footy and save by not buying expensive sporting ground food
  • Kids going to their grandparents?  Pack their own snacks to take along
  • And it's not just for kids, it's also great for adults who want to save money by taking their own lunch to work

See the full range of Flip Lid Lunch Boxes available.

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