Fridge to Go Medium Lunch Cooler Bag

Available in Black, Red, Purple Camo, Pacific Blue and Plus Brand: Fridge to Go

The multi-award winning Fridge-To-Go a revolutionary product which acts as an extension of the home fridge. So much more than just a cooler bag, Fridge-To-Go's high performing patented chilling technology keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours.

The medium lunch bag is a great cooler lunch box. Your food stays so cold it is amazing, great for yoghurt, fruit, cheese or anything. A perfect lunch bag for when you are out for the day, or simply going to the park and great as a kids lunch box for school where fridges are not available.

  • New slim line lunch design
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Great for your complete lunch
  • Keeps contents cold for 8 hours
  • Fully collapsible to flat
  • Easy-tote handle
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Velcro sealed storage pocket
  • PBA-free, PVC safe and lead-free
  • Wipe clean with soap & water
  • 21cm w x 23cm l x 9cm d
  • It requires no ice, batteries or external power source
  • It's durable, collapsible and 100% environmentally friendly
  • Comes with 1 freezer panel
  • Spare freezer panels are also available (sold separately)

The secret of Fridge-To-Go® is simple which is why it's so easy to use. Each of the bags comes with built-in cooling panels covered with a Tempguard outer layer. The panels are much slimmer than your standard ice brick so take up very little space in the freezer. The bag can be folded and put in the freezer with the panels inside or, as most of the bags have zip-out pockets, the cooling panels can simply be removed, frozen and replaced when required.

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Product Reviews
Posted by Cath

It's a great product, well done

We received our order last Thursday and the kids used their new lunch cooler bag on the very HOT Friday at vacation care. Their lunch was kept beautifully cool. It's a great product, well done.

Posted by Christine

I love that I can send lunches to school and not worry about them spoiling in the heat.

I highly recommend fridge 2 go lunch boxes! I love that I can send lunches to school and not worry about them spoiling in the heat. The fridge 2 go keeps food cold all day at school, so cold infact that yoghurts are still out of the fridge cold after being at school all day. As far as food safety is concerned, I don't think there is a comparable product out there!!

Posted by Rebecca

I can give my son healthy snacks like yogurt or cheese and crackers, safe in the knowledge they will stay fresh.

I have purchased 2 Fridge To Go lunchboxes and they are fantastic. The freezer pack is still cold after a full day at school which is a bonus in our hot Perth summers. I can give my son healthy snacks like yogurt or cheese and crackers, safe in the knowledge they will stay fresh.

Posted by Nat

Keeps food cool...really cool!!

Keeps food cool...really cool!! Yoghurt is still cool even when the kids bring it home uneaten after all day at school.

Posted by Mary

The Fridge to go lunch cooler bags are fantastic

The Fridge to go lunch cooler bags are fantastic, I am able to put in my child's lunch for the day and also some food for after school care. The food in the afternoon at after school care stays cool, which is just great, I don't have to worry about my children eating food that could potential make them sick, because it has become hot.

Posted by Kellie Baldwin

best lunch bag ever

love, love these lunch bags. they are truly the best at keeping food cool. I have one for me, my husband and my daughter and wouldn't use anything else now!

Posted by Erica

Absolute daily time, sanity & life savers for my daughter & for me.

The fridge-to-go lunch boxes! Absolute daily time, sanity & life savers for my daughter & for me. Easy to use & clean, plenty of space, still cool at the end of a Summer Qld school day of 35C+ heat. My daughter is a very fussy, particular eater & the range of options this lunchbox can accommodate has helped us grow & expand her food options. The little outside flap pocket is great for hiding little ’I love you/ hope your day is going well’ notes. Durable, in strong colours, these have become a staple item in our household, thanks to Haggus & Stookles.

Posted by Heidi

Great recommendation!

When my son started Prep this year, I went straight to my sister (best researcher and shopper I know) to find out the best lunchbox, especially now that he wouldn't have a fridge available. Without hesitation she suggested the 'Fridge to Go' and she was spot on, I feel happy sending yogurt and cheese with him to school. It's a good buy for sure!

Posted by Kate

I love how the freezer panel is not floating around free

I purchased the Fridge To Go Medium Lunch Cooler Bags in Navy and Pink, plus Spare Freezer panels and a Picnic Cooler Bag in Black. The lunchboxes are a great size for my children, and I love how the freezer panel is not floating around free in the lunchbox,but zipped securely in. When we all head to sport together, the picnic cooler bag is a good size for heaps of food to keep us all happy :)

Posted by Tanya

Excellent zipper section to hold the freezer panel

Now have two medium fridge to go lunch boxes. Excellent zipper section to hold the freezer panel. My son is five and thinks it is so good that it actually looks like a fridge. So thrilled with this product planning to by the picnic size pack soon.

Posted by Tanya

The fridge to go lunchbox is fantastic

My daughter is just about to start a new school so I wanted to buy her a new lunchbox. She loved the floral design on the Fridge to go medium lunch box. I am thrilled because ordered one day online and received it the next day in the post. The fridge to go lunchbox is fantastic. The zipper compartment which hold the freezer block means no more spills when your trying to eat your lunch on your lap. My daughter is thrilled by it and its is helping her with the move of schools.

Posted by Laura

One of the best purchases I have ever made

I love the Fridge to Go Lunch Boxes and the double insulated butterflly flask. Both bought for my daughter when she started school in the hot month of February and I wanted something to keep her lunch and drink cool and safe to eat. Well this daughter is now in Grade 3 and is still using the same fridge to go box and flask every single day! Needless to say they are one of the best purchases I have ever made, they make my day as a busy mum a whole lot easier knowing her food and drink are cool and fresh for her every day. Thanks so much Haggus and Stookles. So glad I found you! :)

Posted by Susan

I love the Fridge to go products

My kids and I are always on the go and they are always hungry/thirsty, so I love the Fridge to go products. We already own a small, medium and a 12 can cooler and I still want to add the tote to our collection :)

Posted by Josie

Going the distance

4 years ago I purchased a Fridge to Go Lunch Bag from Haggus and Stookles for my son. It was used every school day, weekend sports, picnics and holidays, yesterday the zip broke. That is amazing value and quality considering the treatment it received on a daily basis and I washed it in the washing machine (probably a big no no).

Posted by Andrea

Best lunchbox

This is best for lunch boxes keeps food and drinks cold. I got floral design looks great my daughter loves it. These lunch boxes last forever. And the flat ice packs are great u can utilise more room in this great bag. Highly recommend the fridge to go products!

Posted by Renea

The fridge to go lunch bags are fantastic.

The fridge to go lunch bags are fantastic. Great for my son to take to school in this hot weather. They are big enough to store all his lunch food and the ice brick keeps it cold and doesn't leak or leave water all through the bag. Easy to clean and they come in great colours. I will definitely be using these from now on.

Posted by Donna

The freezer panel stays cold the whole school day

The fridge to go Lunch bag is a great product. The freezer panel stays cold the whole school day keeping my daughters lunch from getting hot and spoiled. I also noticed that nothing seemed to get wet from it either. The lunch bag is a very generous size even with the freezer panel inside. The quality is very good, it's easy to clean and the strap and handle make it easy to carry if it isn't in the school bag. It would have been great if the side mesh pocket was bigger to fit a drink bottle into.

Posted by Bellejules

These bags represent good value for money and I will be purchasing another one for my daughter

The Fridge to go lunchbox is a very versatile product. It is a good size, large enough for my sons school lunch and snacks and useful also for a day out in the car or park (with the shoulder strap and pocket for my keys and phone). The lunchbox stays cool all day and is extremely easy to clean for the next use, is very well made and will get lots of use in our family! These bags represent good value for money and I will be purchasing another one for my daughter for school for next year - in pink of course :-)

Posted by Melissa

Keeps cool for longer

I am so impressed with this lunch bag. I am now able to send my daughter to school with cold meat sandwiches as I know that by the time she eats it it will be nice and cold for her. I was impressed with the carry handle as she can carry it to school and not put it in her school bag- as her bag can get very heavy for her back. Looking forward to using it at her dance concert as she will be there for 8hrs and will need snacks throughout the day/evening. Very easy to clean also. So happy with product I'm buying my son one also.

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