Stokke Flexi Bath Folding Baby Bath

Convenient to use and easy to store with a unique, folding design Brand: Stokke

Stokke® Flexi Bath™ is convenient to use and easy to store with its unique, folding design. Just pop it open, fill it up and share those playful bath time moments wherever you are.

The comforting feeling of warm water is familiar to newborns, making bath time perfect for you to interact. Your baby will feel calm and tuned into you.

The Stokke FlexiBath is the same size of an average baby bath and does not contain any harmful materials - even the packaging is made from recycled paper. After use, it folds flat with a simple touch of your hand.

The award-winning FlexiBath resolves storage concerns - it can fit against the wall, in a cabinet, under the bed... the FlexiBath, in its folded state, can fit just about anywhere and even better you can take it anywhere, so great for travel!

Since the FlexiBath does not have a wide rim around the top, like most other tubs, it appears to be smaller, but this is only an optical illusion. Once filled with water the Flexi Bath expands to hold up to 39 litres and accomodates a toddler up to the age of 4.

  • FlexiBath is a safe, clean and environmentally responsible product from a real cool world.
  • FlexiBath is made from Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE). Both types of raw materials are free from PVC, phthalates, Bisphenol-a (BPA, heavy metals and other harmful or hazardous materials.
  • Features a non-slip bottom and surface
  • Comes with a temperature sensitive drain plug which changes colour when the bath water approaches the ideal bathing temperature. This is only meant as an indication and CANNOT be used as a thermometer.
  • Suitable for kids 0-4 years
  • Size - 66cm l x 39cm w x 24cm h
  • Weight - approx 1300 grams
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark

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Posted by Jenny

Portable tub

I bought this tub in green for a family holiday cruise (no bathtubs on board). I love how it can be folded to save space making it so portable. It's also bigger than the tommee tippee baby bath which he has grown out of, so we also use this at home too. This would be great for people who have smaller living space as it can be folded and tucked away easily after each use. Love it and wish we bought this earlier

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