Childress Clip 'n Carry Stroller Hooks

Brand: Childress

The Childress Clip ‘N Carry Stroller Hooks are a fantastic pram or stroller accessory.

They allow you to easily attach shopping bags, your nappy bag, handbag or other items to your stroller. The innovative design and non-slip Velcro strap allows for the Clip ‘N Carry to attach to any stroller bar - large, small, horizontal, diagonal or vertical. It can even be used on umbrella strollers.

The heavy-duty carabiner clips have been tested for strength to ensure durability and the spring-lock hook discourages theft. The hook's closed-loop design also won't get caught on clothing or blankets like an open hook does.

  • Using 2 hooks allows for safer cargo distribution
  • Comes as a 2 pack
  • Attaches to ANY size, shape and style of stroller bar
  • Non-slip, adjustable strap
  • Strength-tested, metal carabiner clips
  • Note do not overload hooks, too much weight may cause stroller to tip
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