Grubby Bubby Waterproof Pram Liner

Brand: Grubby Bubby

The Grubby Bubby® Waterproof Pram Liner is a fully removable and machine washable cover for your pram or stroller. It provides a barrier between grubby little hands and clothes and pram nooks and crannies.

Its innovative design allows it to be easily slipped on and off your pram or stroller with openings for adjustable straps, then straight into the wash, keeping your pram clean and fresh.

The Grubby Bubby Pram Liner's soft outer layer with waterproof lining means you can relax, and love your grubby bubby every outing, every day.

  • Easy placement on your pram or stroller with openings for adjustable straps
  • The Grubby Bubby® Pram Liner fits ALL prams and strollers. Simply place on the pram or stroller seat and pull the straps through the holes provided
  • Includes 4 x sets of slots at top for arm straps, 3 x slots at base for buckle and 2 x sets of side slots for side straps
  • Soft, lightweight and durable - gentle against your baby or child's skin
  • Size - approx 68cm l x 43.5cm w (at widest part near top), 29cm w (narrowest part at back of seat)
  • Machine washable
  • Keeps prams and strollers in great condition
  • Outer 100% polyester, waterproof lining - polyester with TPU coating

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