Barrier Cream for Hand & Skin Protection. Long lasting, non-greasy and non-toxic

NatraPower Industrial Hand Shield - World's No.1 Hand and Skin protection cream. Guaranteed effective. Available in 4 sizes Brand: NatraPower Handshield

NatraPower Hand Shield Instant Glove is a revolutionary natural Barrier Cream that protects the hands and skin from 100's of aggressive chemicals and prevents all kinds of grease, dirt, stains and odours from penetrating the skin, even after repeated washing.

Made with Natural skin friendly ingredients, this amazing liquid glove enables quick and effective hand clean up with lots less scrubbing and soap.

Instant Glove contains ingredients like Aloe Vera, Caster Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Allantoin, NatraPower Instant Glove will nourish and protect the skin.

Use NatraPower Instant Glove to start your work each day with cleaner, healthier skin, and finish the day with a quicker, more effective clean up and your hands feeling great!

Hand Shield has had a history of success. Since 2006, thousands of users have proven the benefits of our product across a full range of industrial applications.

Available in 4 sizes

Great for Dads and Mums, at work or at home!!

Australian Made Product!

100% Satisfaction Gurantee

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