Brolly Sheets Waterproof Duvet/Doona Protector - Double

Brand: Brolly Sheets

The Brolly Sheet Waterproof Duvet/Doona Liner is a soft, breathable and noiseless cover that slips over the doona inner and under the doona cover, and saves you having to wash the whole doona after an accident.

These covers are so lovely to sleep under and look so great - you can forget your outer cover and just use the Brolly Sheet one!

The zip on the cover runs down the side of the cover - making it easy to get the doona in and out. The zip part of the cover is not waterproof. On most beds this is the part that hangs over the side of the bed.

Size - fits double bed size doonas/duvets - also ideal for king single beds

  • Breathable and noiseless
  • Not absorbent - just waterproof
  • Made from 100% cotton on top, backed by 100% polyester backed polyurethane. Zip down one side.
  • If you find that with 3 layers (inner, waterproof liner and outer pattern cover) they all get rucked up inside. You can just pin the corners of the inner and the waterproof liner together. Then it is easier to get in and out of the outer patterned cover.
  • Cold or warm machine wash. Line dry or tumble dry on low.
  • See the full range of Brolly Sheets available

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Posted by Chris

The zip and the softness are the best features.

We purchased the Brolly Sheets Waterproof Duvet/Doona Liner for our daughter as she is wetting the bed most nights. Its a great design - the zip down the side makes it quick and easy to put a doona into, and the outer lining is soft enough that we don't fit a separate doona cover anymore.

The only thing we don't like about it is that when you hang it on the line to dry it, the inside does not dry as it does not appear to breathe, so the whole thing must be turned inside out once the outer lining has dried.

Apart from this, its a great cover. The zip and the softness are the best features.

Chris :)

Note - the duvet liner can also go in the dryer, which makes it easy to dry

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