Brolly Sheets Waterproof Sheet Protector - Double

Take the hassle out of bedwetting! Protect the bed from little accidents Brand: Brolly Sheets

Take the hassle out of bedwetting! Brolly Sheets are a fantastic kids waterproof sheet/mattress protector. Brolly Sheets sit over the top of your bottom fitted sheet to protect the bed from little accidents.

Your child sleeps on the 100% cotton, comfy top whilst the middle layer and waterproof backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry. When wet, it only takes seconds to replace with another which means you won't have to strip the bed in the middle of the night!

Brolly Sheets are also great for travelling, simply pop a couple in your bag to ensure your hotel or friends bedding stays dry! (Also is something familiar for your little ones to sleep on when away from home)

Size - Double

  • Includes 1 x double size Brolly Sheet
  • Just place on top of fitted sheet
  • Flaps tuck in to keep it in place
  • 100% comfortable cotton on top
  • Super absorbent middle layer
  • Non PVC soft waterproof back - makes no noise
  • Back is made from 100% polyester backed with TPU (Polyurethane - 75% polyester, 25% Polyurethane). TPU is soft, environmental, silent and breathable.
  • Quick change with another
  • Holds up to 2 litres
  • Wash in washing machine, can be tumble dried
  • Size - centre panel - 95cm x 165cm, flaps - 95cm x 45cm
  • Available in white
  • See the full range of Brolly Sheets available
  • Brolly Sheets Pillow Protector also available

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