Weeman Boys Toilet Trainer

Brand: Weeman

The Weeman is the World's First Little Boy's Toilet Trainer! Makes peeing standing up a breeze for little boy's. Unconditionally Guaranteed!

This is a unique Australian invention that is revolutionizing toilet training for little boys, it serves as a toilet training urinal, targeted especially for 1-4 year old boys.

Weeman simply clips onto the front of a normal sized toilet, allowing small boys to urinate while standing up un-aided.

This Weeman toilet trainer makes toilet training so simple and best of all, your little boy can enjoy the satisfaction of going to the toilet 'standing up just like Dad'.

The patented design ensures there are no splashes or drips. The unique cleaning action means Weeman can be emptied and flushed without being removed from the toilet.

How Weeman works:

  • Clip onto toilet and use
  • Flip into inside bowl of toilet
  • Empty into toilet
  • Flush toilet
  • Lift out
  • Now Weeman is ready to use again


  • Safe to use: No more balancing on stools and steps
  • Twelve months guarantee
  • Designed to hold an average infants full bladder
  • It's unique cleaning action also helps train him to lift the seat up and put the lid down when he is finished
  • Hinge is tested to over 1,000,000 actions

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Product Reviews
Posted by Donna

The Wee Man is such a great product.

Dear Gloria & team,

Thanks for the great service & fast postage once again. As always it has been a pleasure dealing with u.

P.s. my 2 year old son thinks it's great that he can pee 'just like Daddy do', the Wee Man is such a great product.


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