Brolly Sheets Waterproof Seat Protector - Large

Suits Cars, Couches and more! 120x60cms Brand: Brolly Sheets

This large seat pad offers great protection against accidents for any seat in your car or in your home. 

The soft, comfy faux suede cover is lovely to sit on, the absorbent inner absorbs fluid and the waterproof barrier protects your seats.   One sided. 

These seat protectors have a soft imitation suede top and an absorbent pad with a waterproof back.  The whole pad is bound with brown bias binding and finished in a rich chocolate brown.  They are very easy to wash and can be tumbled dried - although they do dry quickly on a clothes line.

  • Waterproof
  • Versatile for use on a couch or back car seat
  • Easy to launder
  • No buckle holes means they fit any size car seat
  • Not sweaty or sticky like vinyl
  • Absorbs over 1.5 litres of liquid.

If you have it going a couple of centimetres up the back seat (like in our image) you can still easily buckle up the seat belt.  Just pull down slightly where the belt fits.  

120 cm x 60 cm


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